Heat and Borates

Welcome MatBorates & Heat: Taking Nontoxic Pest Control to the Next Level

AZEX is excited to announce a new level of nontoxic pest control that combines two proven nontoxic treatment methods to bring even greater efficacy to the treatment of wood destroying organisms. To rid your home or business of wood destroying organisms such as Drywood termites, beetles, and carpenter ants, borates and Heat provide long-lasting results.

What are Borates?

Borates are low-toxicity minerals with insecticidal, fungicidal, and herbicidal properties. They do not evaporate or volatilize into the air like synthetic pesticides, nor do they pose the considerable health concerns associated with synthetic pesticides. Many consider borates no less toxic to humans than table salt. And as a testament to their low toxicity levels, borates have been given a “Least Toxic” rating by the National Coalition against the Misuse of Pesticides.

How We Use Borates to Kill Wood Destroying Organisms

Borate powder is injected into cracks and crevices, where it forms a fine layer of dust. When borates are applied to wood, the wood becomes toxic to Drywood termites and other insects while having no adverse effect upon the occupants of the structure. Insects travel through the boric acid, which adheres to their legs. When the insects groom themselves, they ingest the poison, which causes death within three to ten days. The continued presence of the borates in the wood ensures that hatching insects are exposed and die. In fact, many borate treatments can be effective for more than a year. An EPA assessment of a boric acid pilot pest control program conducted at the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland found that boric acid was both more economical and more effective than monthly spray treatment. At least one study has shown that the combination of heat, 110 degree F for two hours with boric acid, will increase the speed at which the German cockroach is killed. (Source: Safety Source for Pest Management)

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