Ambient versus Wood Core

Relaxing in a clean homeThere are two general approaches to applying heat to an affected area and it depends on the pest control situation.

Wood Core Heat Treatment

For wood-destroying organisms, such as Drywood termites, beetles, or carpenter ants, we use our Wood Core AZEX Heat Treatment to heat the core temperature of the wood to a level lethal to wood destroying organisms. We hold that temperature for up to 8 hours in order to kill all lifecycles of the targeted organisms. Read more about our treatments for Wood Destroying Organisms and the exciting new uses of Borate (an ingredient less toxic than house salt) and Heat together for maximum results:

Ambient Air Heat Treatment

For pests other that are not wood-destroying, but instead live out in the “open,” we use heat to increase the ambient air temperature of the room or structure so that any pest located in the targeted zone are eliminated. Ambient treatments have the added benefit of improving indoor air quality while working to eliminate pests. Temperatures of the targeted area are monitored and held for up to 8 hours for smaller structures or up to 24 hours for large facilities.

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