AZEX Heat Vs. The Competition

Don’t Get Duped...  Not All Heat Treatments Are The Same!

As word spreads about the effectiveness of our heat treatments, more and more pest management companies are understandably trying  to imitate AZEX by offering bed bug heat services.  The fact is that not all heat treatments are the same.


  • Most have been doing heat treatments for less than 1 year
  • Learning as they go
  • Increased Risk of Property Damage
  • Lower probability of Successful Treatment
  • Inconsistent Monitoring- Temperatures / Heaters
Heaters / Equipment:
  • Not Rated for Residential / Indoor Use
  • Not EPA Certified Pest Control Devices (In the state of Arizona these ratings are a legal requirement for any pest control device used for pest heat service).
  • Increased Fire Hazard.
  • Increased Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
AZEX Heat Service:ThermaPureHeat fan in a window EXPERIENCE When it comes to treating with heat, there is no substitute for experience.
  • AZEX pioneered the first bed bug heat treatments in Arizona in 2007.
  • AZEX is the most experienced heat remediation company in the state.
  • AZEX employs the most experienced heat remediation technicians in Arizona
  • AZEX already knows how to reach lethal temps without damaging your property
  • AZEX Technicians Are All Highly Trained, College Educated, and State Certified Pest Management Professionals
QUALITY (Not all heaters are created equal!) All heaters used by AZEX Pest Solutions:
  • Meet or Exceed OSHA Safety and environmental standards
  • Are EPA Certified
  • Are specifically designed to heat structures
  • Are approved for residential and indoor use



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