Azex Thermal Solutions a Division of AZEX Pest Solutions

Chemical free. Nontoxic. Environmentally friendly. Pet safe. Allergen-free. Kid friendly. These qualities are in demand for all sorts of products and services -- Pest control included. AZEX Pest Solution's thermal pest control division "AZEX Thermal Solutions" offers the qualities consumers are looking for with the proven effectiveness they need to get rid of unwanted pests such as bed bugs. AZEX Thermal Solutions is a professionally trained and licensed pest control company that offers AZEX HEAT.  AZEX  offers heat services to its hotels, motels, apartments, summer camps, residential, commercial, and industrial customers. In fact, AZEX Thermal Solutions was the first company in the State of Arizona to offer Heat services as a safe  alternative  to control bed bug infestations without the use of tenting and dangerous fumigants. AZEX Thermal Solution's nontoxic pest control services have become an important part of integrated pest management programs for its customers. AZEX Thermal Solution's customers include homeowners, hotel owners, small business owners, property managers, and Realtors.

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