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Residental and Small Business FAQs | Azex Thermal Solutions

Residental and Small Business FAQs

Q. What is AZEX HEAT? A. AZEX HEAT is a truly revolutionary non toxic pest control technology. It is an alternative form of pest control that utilizes clean, dry, odorless HEAT instead of dangerous chemical fumigants to kill bed bugs and other structural pests. Pioneered as an alternative form of pest control to chemical fumigation, heat is now recognized by the pest control industry as the only non-chemical, non-toxic bed bug control method that is as effective as chemical fumigation for treating entire structures. And unlike fumigation, which is applied only to entire "tented" structures, AZEX HEAT is highly effective for localized or area treatments, such as infestations confined to a single unit in a multi-unit condo or apartment complex, or even a single wall, a room, or attic. Q. How does the Heat pest control process work? A. Our process involves heating each room to 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit (ANYTHING HOTTER WILL CAUSE DAMAGE!!!). This level of heat kills the entire life cycle of bed bugs (from eggs to adults) and holding lethal temperatures for 4 hours kills and eliminates, common mold spores, allergens that trigger asthma, and oxidizes odors. • Customers do not see vans or equipment saying BED BUG Killers or PEST CONTROL; we arrive in discreet enclosed AZEX Pest Solution’s trucks or vans! Q. How do you get heat into the home or building? A. Specially engineered and EPA registered propane heaters are placed outside home and hot air is directed through flexible mylar ducting into the treatment area. We also use portable electric heaters specifically designed for apartments and hotels. Q. What effect does heat have on the home or building? A. The thermal pest control technology is very safe. Only heat sensitive items need be removed during treatment. Such items include candles, chocolates, and soft meltable items. In some cases, large items like TV’s are wrapped and protected with thermal blankets. Q. Does the Structural Pest Control Board accept this process? A. Yes. In fact, Heat is recognized as the ONLY non-toxic Drywood termite pest control treatment approved for full structures. It is more effective than freezing, microwave, or electricity. Q. What about all of my food? A. Heat-sensitive food items should be removed or refrigerated during the Heat pest control process. However, there is no need to worry about contaminating your kitchen utensils. Q. Will heat damage my plants? A. Plants should be removed from treatment area. Q. What about my pets? A. Pets need to be outside of the treatment area for the day only. Q. Are there any buildings that can’t be treated with AZEX HEAT? A. No, but some buildings require additional preparation, such as those with fire sprinklers. Q. Will heat pest control cause damage to my home or business? A. No. The temperatures used in a Heat treatment are not extreme. They are no hotter than a sauna, and are well below safety standards. Any heat-sensitive items are either removed or protected by special thermal blankets, and things that melt easily (ie. Chocolate, make-up, etc.) can be put in the refrigerator or removed. Q. What if I have an isolated infestation? A. Heat can be used as either a whole structure treatment or an isolated area treatment. In a report given by the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Heat was the only treatment recognized as effective for both whole-structure and local treatments. Q. How much does a Heat pest control treatment cost? A. The typical price is comparable to fumigation. However, it usually ends up costing less because customers don't have to throw out infested furniture or move out of their homes and businesses avoid extensive shut down periods. Q. Is it as effective as chemical fumigation? A. In a study done by the University of California-Berkley, researchers found Heat to be more effective than chemical fumigation when done properly. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in the AZEX HEAT process. Q. Does it have any residual effects? A. Neither chemical fumigation nor Heat has a residual effect. They kill what is in the home or building, but won't kill anything entering after the treatment. This why we apply a long lasting residual insecticide after all of our bed bug treatments FREE of CHARGE! Q. Why should I use AZEX instead of "The Other Guys"? A. Our customers prefer AZEX HEAT for a number of reasons. AZEX Pest Solutions is the Original and Most Experienced Bed Bug Heat Extermination Business in the State of Arizona. All of our technicians are extensively trained to use AZEX HEAT. Many companies may offer a bed bug Heat Treatment. But only AZEX Pest Solutions has the experience, knowledge, and training that sets us miles apart from the competitions cheap and oftentimes unsafe heat service practices.

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