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As effective as chemicals. Without the chemicals. AZEX Thermal Solutions is the answer.

Kitchen When it comes to ridding your home or business of destructive insect pests, tenting and chemicals are no longer necessary. AZEX Thermal Solutions is proud to offer the AZEX HEAT process -- a technological and ecological breakthrough in treating both partial and entire structures for bed bugs and their eggs, and a wide variety of other pests and indoor air quality problems. Pioneered as an alternative to chemical fumigation, heat is now recognized by the pest control industry as the only non-chemical non-toxic pest control method that is as effective as chemical fumigation for treating entire structures. And unlike fumigation, which is applied only to entire "tented" structures, AZEX HEAT is highly effective for localized or area treatments, such as bed bug infestations confined to a single unit in a multi-unit condo or apartment complex, or even a single wall, a room, or attic. For natural pest control that is safe and effective, choose the non toxic pest control method used to rid whole or partial structures of bed bugs and other unwanted pests. If you're looking for a natural pest control product or an organic pest control procedure, consider thermal pest control.

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The AZEX HEAT Treatment Process for Residential & Small Businesses

Our Certified AZEX HEAT Technicians use specially designed (EPA registered) propane and or electric heaters to deliver heat to the treatment area(s).

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