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Drywood Termites | Azex Thermal Solutions

Drywood Termites

Wood FloorDrywood termite extermination through thermal pest control is one of the most effective applications of AZEX Heat. AZEX Thermal Solutions can kill Drywood termites in your whole house or business or in any part of it if the infestation is limited.

Do YOU Need Drywood termite Extermination?

Not everyone needs Drywood termite extermination in their home or business, but you might be surprised at how many do. Check this out: • About 1 in thirty homes in the US has some degree of Drywood termite infestation.• Drywood termites can destroy wood fast: A colony of 60,000 can eat a foot of 2X4 in five months. That may not seem like much, but it can have drastic effects if the wood is in a bearing beam.• Drywood termites are found in virtually every corner of Arizona, in every kind of neighborhood, wherever there's wood to chew. • Termiticides account for about $500 million in annual sales for chemical pesticide companies (that's a lot of poison). Better to be safe than sorry. Call AZEX Thermal Solutions at 877-445-BUGS and we'll be glad to help you set up an inspection if you aren't sure. It's a very low cost way to ensure your peace of mind and protect your property.

The Obsolete (Poisonous) Method of Drywood termite Extermination

To kill Drywood termites the old-fashioned way usually involved tenting the whole structure and then injecting a poisonous substance in high concentration for a long enough period of time that most of the Drywood termites were dead. Re-occupancy usually involved cleaning all the surfaces (most people are uncomfortable leaving the residues of the poisons on surfaces they use even though some pest control companies claim it is safe to do so). This deadly process was required every four or five years in some areas. Call AZEX to learn more about how Thermal Treatment is specifically effective for Drywood termite control. There is never an obligation for your call for information, 1-877-445-2847.

A Non Toxic Pest Control Method to Kill Drywood termites

Drywood termites and their larvae can be eliminated with this non toxic pest control method without collateral damage to your family or your pets, your house or possessions, or your business. Be back into the cleaned spaces in about a day, without worry of lingering toxic poisons. According to the California Department of Consumer Affairs the only two effective methods for total (whole-house) eradication are fumigation and heat. The ability for heat to penetrate inside of wood to kill dry wood Drywood termites makes AZEX’s process an effective non-chemical tool for whole structure eradication of these pests. In the case of Drywood termites, AZEX thermal pest control technicians will isolate the infested area with airtight plastic shielding or tape up all windows and ducts where air could escape in the case of a whole structure process. Then they will pump clean hot air into the space until the ambient air temperature reaches as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures will be held at that level for 2 hours. At that point, virtually 100% of the Drywood termites and their larvae will be dead, and the threat to the safety and longevity of your structure will be over.