Roaches could be right behind you.Cockroaches live in our food supply and they can carry disease. They need to be exterminated in areas of human habitation. This isn’t just about looking good-it’s a matter of health.

EVERYBODY hates cockroaches, but just about everybody has them at one time or another, even if in limited numbers. Cockroaches are one of those pests that take advantage of human habitation and thrive wherever we let them. They are opportunistic, living in places we let them have and eating resources we give them. Basic cockroach control is exclusion and sanitation: prevent their entry to our rooms and areas and then to deny them food resources.

BUT: cockroaches don’t make it easy. They are found almost everywhere humans live, and once they get a foothold, they are stubbornly persistent.

How do other people kill cockroaches?

Traditionally, most exterminators and individuals use poisons (mostly synthetic pesticides) to kill cockroaches. It has been estimated that 1/3 of pesticides used in the United States are used in urban environments, and most of those are used in the home. That adds up to a LOT of toxic chemicals.

Other methods are less dangerous, but it’s not clear they are effective. For example, some advertise that ultrasonic devices are effective against cockroaches. However, research suggests that this method is NOT specifically effective against cockroaches. Ultrasonic pest control is an idea whose time has not come.

Baits, dusts, traps and some inorganic pastes are sometimes offered as substitutes for poisons. But the best option for you might just be good old clean AZEX HEAT.

AZEX HEAT is the clean, non toxic pest control to kill cockroaches.

AZEX Thermal Solutions can analyze your situation to determine if AZEX HEAT can solve your cockroach problem through an integrated pest management system. Whether you have a commercial kitchen or a second home in the desert, concentrated, professionally applied thermal pest control (AZEX HEAT) will kill cockroaches that have been on your case.

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