Fleas on the dog?Killing Fleas with AZEX HEAT

Anyone who has a pet that goes outdoors is vulnerable to a flea infestation. Fleas can be direct aggressors, biting host humans after they populate from their host animals.

How does AZEX HEAT help kill fleas?

AZEX HEAT works through the same mechanism to kill fleas as it does to kill other pests: extreme heat stops their physical processes dead. As a form of non toxic pest control, thermal pest control is extremely effective against fleas.

The AZEX HEAT treatment offered by AZEX Thermal Solutions operates in the open, ambient air of the structure, so it works on fleas wherever they are in your home or business.

Call AZEX Thermal Solutions toll free at 1-877-445-2847 to learn how our thermal pest control (AZEX HEAT) treatment provides a safe, effective non toxic pest control that kills fleas, but is gentle on your home and possessions.